DIDS 2019 – aspects of digital transformation 

10. 02. 2019.

The 10th anniversary edition of the DIDS 2019 conference will be held on 5th March at the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade, organised by the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS).

The central topic of this year’s DIDS is digital transformation, and all the obvious and not-so-obvious changes this process is bringing about in all areas of life and business. The topic will be divided into three themed blocks, addressed from a variety of perspectives by a host of leading experts from Serbia and abroad. The first block will consider the process of digital transformation in the area of public services and national governments as the dominant providers of these services. In the second block, the topic will be transformation in business, at the level not only of multinational corporations but small family-run businesses, too. For the third block, the discussion will centre on the transformation of the Internet as we know it that is resulting from the increasingly widespread use of non-English alphabets on the global network.

During this year’s DIDS, the focus will be on the reality that digital transformation is not an abstract technological concept but a process that is actively changing our lives, even though very often we do not realise it. Everything from the most complex bureaucratic procedures to the most agreeable of our everyday leisure activities has gone through – or is going through – a process of transformation that is delivering not just a sea change in the way life is lived and business is done, but in our world-view itself, as it imperceptibly changes our very cultural models.

As in previous years, attendance at the conference is free of charge, subject to registration, which is necessary due to the limited number of places. Registration at dids.rs or дидс.срб, beginning mid-February.